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  Our site is dedicated to assist entrepreneurs to start online casino business, which is one of the most booming and profitable industries on the Internet. We provide basic and independent introduction of online gaming from the full range of software package to all services required to create and maintain a rewarding online gaming business, which includes:

  • *** Casino Software Licensing.
  • *** Online Payment Solutions.
  • *** Marketing Strategies.
  • *** Customer Services.

Casino Software Licensing

Online Gaming Overview

  Online gaming is one of the most profitable industries on the Internet, and one of the fastest growing business in the world. Estimation of the total revenue for year 2019 is more 511 billions dollars!  From NetValue's statistics there are approximately 1,400 online casino and sportsbook in operation. Online casino is the gambling over computer and Mobil Internet. Wagers can be placed on various games, such as Casinos, Sprotsbooks, Bingo, Lotteries, Horse Racing, etc.

  A player first get access to the gambling website. He can choose to play the Download version or Non-download version. He then use his credit card to purchase the virtual chips. Using all these chips he play black jack, poker, keno or slotmachine, just like the land based casinos in Las Vegas or Monaco.

Here we are at the key point of the business strategies. We will gradually lean the operating knowledge of software, tools and services needed to start successful online casino and sportsbook:

1.The Casino Software

A. To develop and implement your own casino software. But it will cost  you millions of dollars. You have to employ experienced professioanl programmers to design the software, arrange applying for casino software license in countries where gambling software is legal and you also have to select and establish an offshore webhosting location.

B. To purchase or license the casino software from a software provider. This is the most widely used and less expensive way. Generally from casino provides you can have the casino turnkey package, online payment solution, webhosting or even webhosting. Licensing fees range from $20,000US to $350,000US. In most cases, you may also have to pay a loyalty to the casino software provider which will cover a certain percentage of your monthly gross profits. For detailed information about license and software providers, go to Licensing page.

C. To sublicense the software from a existing casino operator (Licensee). This is the simplest, fastest, and least expensive way to start generating a profitable online gambling. Costs range from $5,000US to $50,000US. Sublicensee should pay higher loyalty  than licensee. For detailed information about sublicense and providers, go to Sublicensing Page.

2. Online Payment Solutions

  This is the very important process which achieve your profit circulation. While some casino software providers have the turnkey package consisting credit card processing option, some providers don't have the solutions. Then you have to select and choos a high secure, effective and low charge rate merchant company to operate your online payment. For detailed information about online payment and providers, go to E-payment site.

3. Marketing Strategies

  You could have many ways of marketing your casino website, for examples, main search engines and directories, banner advertising, keyword buying, newsletter sending, banner exchange, etc. Remember, online casino is not apart from other business, the more you do on marketing the more profits you will enjoy. For detailed information and marketing resources, go to Marketing.

4. Customer Services

  Good customer services can make your consumers trust and stay with you. This is also a very important part of successful operation because there would be many questions for players to ask general concerns and confirm their chip purchasing. While some casino software providers have the turnkey package consisting of customer services, some providers don't have the option . For detailed information and customer service strategies, go to Licensing page.

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