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     The more traffic you get, the more gaming profits you can gain. There are no career online gamblers unless your casino site has extreme high winning possibility, but every visitor to your site could be players. Now that you have installed your state-of-the-art gaming software, your business will mainly depend on how successful you can be marketing.

    Search Engine -- This is the origin of Internet. But it has been playing the very important role on the WWW. While some main directories and search engines charge a small fee on submitting URL, most of search engines are free of fee. When submitting to search engines you should prepare outstanding TITLE, DESCRIPTION AND KEYWORDS. You are recommended to submit your URL to main search engines manually, such as Yahoo, Google, submit ordinary search engines with auto submit tools such as SubmitWolf , and keep submitting for every two weeks.

    Affiliate Program -- This is another zero investment marketing method. Your casino is set up with affiliate program when you purchase the package.  You can name the affiliate with fixed rate or flexible rate from 20% to 60% varying from revenue volume respectively. In fact, this is the main traffic source to some successful online casino sites, such as 888casino, CosumoCasino, ExclusiveCasino, MaxCasino, JacpotCherryCasino.

    Advertising -- This is the widely used marketing method for online gaming promotion. you have many websites to choose to post your advertisement, such as ONLINE MAGAZINE, CASINO PORTAL, ENTERTAINMENT SITE, ONLINE SHOPPING SITE, ADULT SITE, etc. For detailed operation you have many ways to promote, such as BANNER ADS, KEYWORD BUYING, TEXT LINK, POP UP, EXIT TRAFFIC, E-MAIL CAMPAIGNS, BANNER EXCHANGE.

IMPORTANT: Keep marketing on search engine and directory submission. Design attractive banners for advertisement. Carefully study  the traffic quality from the site where you pay for advertising.

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