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     Most of online casino and sportsbook owners use the way of licensing or purchasing casino and sportsbook software from a software provider.

    Software License -- Generally a software provider should make the software licensed in a country where Online Gambling Software is legal for registration. As long as you license or purchase the software, you will enjoy the Software License together with the software provider.

    Business License -- You need a gaming license to conduct business in a jurisdiction that allows online gaming. It depends on what country you are in. For example, your country may take a neutral position to the acceptance or may try to regulate it by taxation (i.e. Australia). If you are a resident in a country like USA, then you will need both a Off-shore Business Corporation to retain the revenue of your business and a Domestic Business Corporation to receive your final profits. You have to prepare a gaming license from the country in which you choose to have you business, servers, customer support Etc.

    Royalty Fee -- Some software providers charge royalty fee besides licensing (purchasing) fee while others don't charge. The royalty fee varies from 10% to 30% of your monthly profits. You should confirm it with software providers.

    Winning Possibility -- You also should know the winning possibility of the software you are going to purchase. That will means how much you could be profit. Alike land based casino, you will have an average winning percentage, which varies from 50% to 75% (For example, if players wager $100, the house cound win $50 to $75). You should confirm the reasonable winning possibility with software providers.

    Game Style -- You will have four possibilities to choose the games, FREE PLAY on brower (Non-download), REAL PLAY on browser (Non-download), FREE PLAY on downloads and REAL PLAY on downloads. The best is to have it all, but sometimes you have to choose to have some of them.

IMPORTANT: Carefully study the software package providers offered.

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